Condiments_We Jammin.png

Spiced mango and pepper jam with a hint of lime.

This jam accompanies snacks, cheeses, fritters and cold cuts well. But also adds spicy sweetness to curries and burgers and works well as a glaze.

Condiments_Passa Passa.png

Fiery scotch bonnet, bell pepper and tomato sauce.

This chunky pepper sauce really packs a punch. Use it as a glaze for protein, a marinade for vegetables or enjoy it as a dip with snacks.

Condiments_Bacchanal Sauce.png

Fruity mango and pineapple hot sauce very hot.

Sweet and fruity followed by a heat explosion. Use to flavour and spice to any dish or snack, can also be used as a marinade.

Condiments_Country Pepper.png

Traditional Caribbean pickled scotch bonnet peppers and vegetables.

Add these crunchy pickles to any dish or snack for instant heat.

Condiments_Gully Gutney.png

Pineapple, tomato and scotch bonnet chutney.

Delicious when used as a dip, in burgers or sandwiches and on a cheese bread.

Condiments_Pumpkin Butter.png

Deliciously warming pumpkin spread spiced with cinnamon and ginger.

Great simply spread on bread or add it to desserts, porridge or pancakes for an instant flavour bomb.